General Facts

  • U.S. corporation (California)
  • Facilities in Tijuana Mexico
  • 250-350 employees
  • ISO 9001 and 13485 certified (NEMKO)
  • FDA registered
  • Clean room, antistatic, and standard assembly facilities
  • Turnkey capability
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Shelter Services

Major Product Areas

PC board assemblies
Consumer electronics
Box build and components
Transformers and battery packs

Class I and II products
Disposables and consumables
Sterile and non-sterile
Medical electronics

Catheter Assembly in Mexico

Medical companies and markets demand high-quality and timely delivery on all sorts of different equipment. Catheters are no different. While the word catheter typically connotes a device used to extract urine from patients, medical professionals know that they have all kinds of different uses. Catheters are tubes that deliver medications, fluids or gases to patients or alternatively drain bodily fluids. Because they are inserted into a body cavity, duct or blood vessel, catheters are an essential piece of equipment for virtually any medical practice. Whether they are soft or hard, the one thing catheters cannot be is unreliable.

If you don't ever want to have to second guess the quality of the catheters you use, then get in touch with Coastline International today. Coastline International is a medical device manufacturing company based in Tijuana, Mexico with over 30 years' experience assembling catheters of the highest quality. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped our clients meet their demands and we know what it takes to meet the high-quality standards associated with medical device manufacturing.

One of the reasons Coastline International continues to be one of the top choices for catheter assembly is because our medical device manufacturing services are at least 30 percent cheaper than other contractors or the client's own in-house costs. Our clients also benefit from lower transportation costs and reduced transit time thanks to our nearshore location.

For more cost-effective catheter assembly with even higher standards than what the competition can offer, get in touch with Coastline International. We are capable of:

  • Manual assembly of catheter components and subassemblies
  • Secondary manufacturing processes
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing and solvent bonding
  • Packaging and bagging
  • Pre-sterilization packing

Call 888.748.7177 today for pricing on our catheter assembly services.

Catheter Assembly Services With the Highest Standards

With any medical device, catheters included, it is imperative to maintain the highest standards of quality at all times. At no point in Coastline International's assembly process do we waiver from operating with the highest standards of quality in mind. We operate several Class 8 clean rooms within our FDDA registered medical device manufacturing facilities.

We also offer some of the most meticulous quality assurance testing in the industry. After all, when a catheter needs to be inserted, there is no time for medical professionals to second-guess its quality. That's why we take our role in the quality assurance process so seriously. We will never ship anything that we don't wholeheartedly sign off on, so you can be confident that when your catheters arrive, they have been approved by the industry-leading professionals.

Custom Catheter Assembly

Whether you prefer silicone, rubber, latex or thermoplastic elastomers, we can assemble catheters to your specifications. Some medical professionals prefer thin, flexible tubes, others prefer more inflexible, hard catheters. All you have to do is specify what you would like when you place your order and our highly qualified staff will take care of the rest.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about our catheter assembly services, give us a call at 888.748.7177 today.

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