General Facts

  • U.S. corporation (California)
  • Facilities in Tijuana Mexico
  • 250-350 employees
  • ISO 9001 and 13485 certified (NEMKO)
  • FDA registered
  • Clean room, antistatic, and standard assembly facilities
  • Turnkey capability
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Shelter Services

Major Product Areas

PC board assemblies
Consumer electronics
Box build and components
Transformers and battery packs

Class I and II products
Disposables and consumables
Sterile and non-sterile
Medical electronics

Clean Room Manufacturing

Clean Room Manufacturing Engineering & Design

Manufacturing clean rooms that are effective and cost efficient can mean all the difference to long term success in your line of business. Partnering with Coastline International contractors means your facility is designed, engineered, installed and maintained by highly accredited professionals with years of experience delivering innovative air particle control solutions.

We offer a variety of portable, modular, turn-key and customized secure rooms with a focus on medical assembly and your complete confidence and satisfaction.  

Clean Room Construction Standards

Coastline International combines clean-room construction standards and unique building and classification specifications to engineer forward thinking particle free environments designed for your specific purposes. We’ll match your budget with the highest quality services from electrical engineering and water flow installation, to filtration expertise and more. We are a leading, full service provider of complete controlled environment innovations at value driven pricing. Allow us to take the lead on your build with a full suite of custom options, accessories, and components.

Ceilings: Incorporate sprinkler systems, filters, fire detection and lights into the ceiling components we prefabricate for you, in our facility, to reduce construction debris during on-site assembly.

Wall Panels: Walls can be designed to suit any spatial challenges and purpose and can include a variety of window and accessory options to suit your operational needs. Panels are fabricated offsite to fit together perfectly during installation with no buffering required.

Flooring: Contamination typically accumulates on floors. We’ll make sure yours are up for the task, from seamless vinyl, rubber and epoxy floor options to urethane, MMA, and raised flooring, we will engineer a product that performs.

HVAC: Coastline International will work with you to design the HVAC system that provides the best value, filtration, and long term functionality for the space. Air flow is critical to ensuring particle control and ensuring classification standards are met.

Doors: From airlocks and air shower systems to pass throughs and change stations, getting the entry and exit points right is critical to keeping the area clear of airborne contamination.

Accessories: We provide safe, clean equipment such as; clean tools, safety and particle shedding prevention garments, hand washing stations, tables, glassware, and certified supplies for a variety of uses. 

Equipment & Technology

Coastline International manufactures top of the line clean room components and equipment using state of the art innovations and advanced technology. We have built our reputation on delivering comprehensive service, actionable trouble shooting on complex environmental controls, and fast turn around times. From initial planning stages, to installation, and future maintenance or upgrades, we are your affordable, recommended contaminate controlled room specialists.

cable harness printed circuit board military telecommincations device torroids Torroids, military tele-communication devices, printed circuit boards, and cable harnesses are among the types of products and components we manufacture