30 Years of Manufacturing

Coastline has manufactured electronic and electrical products, such as PC board assemblies and consumer electronics, for the OEM community for over 30 years. We have always been committed to meeting the demanding quality standards associated with OEM manufacturing.

Consistent Quality at Lower Cost

Client companies typically find the cost of our electronics manufacturing services to be 30% or more below other contractors or the client's own in-house costs. Our clients also know we are fiercely committed to meeting their expectations for product quality, delivery, and service. Since Coastline is a nearshore manufacturer, OEM clients may also benefit from lower transportation costs and reduced transit time.

Major Product Categories

  • PC board assemblies
  • Consumer electronics
  • Box build and components
  • Transformers and battery packs


  • manual assembly of components and subassemblies
  • secondary manufacturing processes
  • insert molding
  • conformal coating and potting
  • packaging and bagging - finished product
  • private labeling - printing and application

Procurement and Logistics

  • procurement-materials/components
  • materials management
  • alternate source suggestions
  • import/export management

Coastline minimizes customer investment of time and resources by handling all logistics for transporting (importing as appropriate) all raw materials and components to its manufacturing facility in Tijuana Mexico.

Import-Export Services

We are highly experienced in import/export matters and can ship finished goods from our facility to any US destination, including Minneapolis, Chicago, Northern California, and elsewhere. We can also ship to nearly any global destination outside the US.

Qualification Services

  • quality assurance testing
  • part measurement
  • first article inspection
  • production qualifications
  • process qualifications
  • fixture qualifications
  • multi-run validations

"Coastline has been doing custom assembly of our very complex battery packs in various chemistries for over 10 years ... the quality has been 100% ... has also reduced our manufacturing costs and has put less stress on our own assembly facility ... We highly recommend Coastline." —President / large custom battery manufacturer

cable harness printed circuit board military telecommincations device torroids Torroids, military tele-communication devices, printed circuit boards, and cable harnesses are among the types of products and components we manufacture