• Tijuana Mexico, near San Diego CA
  • Large low-cost labor market trained in electronics manufacture
  • Well established shipping infrastructure
  • Quick access to California-Mexico border crossing and international seaports
  • Easy travel destination for visitors

Capacity and Qualification

  • Nearly 40,000 square feet
  • Controlled environments
  • Antistatic mats and flooring
  • Surface mount pick-and-place equipment
  • Through-hole soldering (RoHS compliant)

Safety and Security

  • Excellent work safety record
  • Facilities built to U.S. standards
  • On site security systems
  • Controlled access to facilities
  • Controlled access to business park

Strategic Location

The strategic location of our electronics manufacturing facilities in Tijuana Mexico offers several important advantages that benefit our client companies. First and foremost, we have direct access to a large, motivated, and inexpensive labor pool. Our clients also benefit from duty-free movement of goods under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other location-related cost advantages.

In addition, our close proximity to the California border and international seaports allows us to utilize the highly developed cross-border transportation network and ports of entry that serve the greater San Diego and Tijuana area. This proximity to the US-Mexico border eases transportation schedules and costs to anywhere in the USA or overseas; be it Chicago, Minneapolis, Northern California, or elsewhere. Client company visits are easy since our facilities are less than 30 miles from the San Diego International Airport.

Safety and Security

Our client's electronics and electrical products are manufactured in facilities that are constructed and maintained in accordance with U.S. building standards, and equipped with modern security systems. We monitor and control visitor and employee access. In addition, pedestrian and vehicular traffic into and out of the business park of our electronics manufacturing facility is controlled by a guard station and entrance gate.

Capacity and Qualification

Our manufacturing facilities totaling nearly 40,000 sq. ft. include controlled environments often needed for electronics manufacturing. Our assembly areas also include antistatic mats and flooring

Specialized equipment includes:

  • Surface mount pick-and-place machinery (SMT) for high-speed high-precision placement of electronic components
  • Through-hole soldering equipment with RoHS-compliance as needed

Productive Work Environment

We are committed to maintaining an excellent safety record and work environment in our manufacturing facilities. We are proud of our safety programs and working conditions, and provide work areas that are air-conditioned and clean, an on-staff nurse, and an on-site cafeteria. Our employees are also well served by the convenient public transportation that serves our business area.

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