Why Contract Manufacturing?

  • Lower cost of production
  • Little or no capital investment
  • Immediate manufacturing expertise
  • Immediate import/export know-how
  • Internal resources can focus on core strengths

Why Northwest Mexico?

  • Access to large low-cost labor market
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Free trade cost benefits (NAFTA)
  • Proximity to California U.S. border
  • Proximity to seaports

Why Coastline International?

  • Cost savings of 30% or more
  • Established U.S. corporation
  • 30 years of manufacturing experience
  • Proven dependability and service
  • Strategic location near major U.S. border crossing at San Diego CA

Contract Manufacturing

Coastline's contract manufacturing program allows client companies to outsource all manufacturing functions. Contract manufacturing is typically priced on a per piece basis.

Economic and Strategic Benefits

Our client companies typically find Coastline's contracted cost to be 30% or more below other contract manufacturers or their own internal manufacturing cost, with equal or better production quality and delivery results. In addition, by allowing a highly experienced and focused manufacturer to handle day-to-day production and shipping issues, client company's can dedicate internal resources to activities involving core strengths and strategic initiatives.

Full Range of Services

On behalf of client companies, Coastline procures materials and components, provides for quality assurance and control, assembles components, packages and labels products, and exports finished goods to nearly any destination point in the world.

Shelter Services

Our shelter program allows us to assist and support client companies that want to directly manage their own production operations in Mexico without the need to create and administer a Mexican company (a legal entity).

While the client company handles day-to-day production, Coastline handles those aspects of manufacturing that require a thorough knowledge of and compliance with Mexican customs, laws and regulations. For instance, Coastline protects the client company by handling the logistics for all raw materials and finished goods, handling import and export issues, administering human resource functions, and managing company legal compliances and responsibilities. Coastline can also provide and manage the physical facility.

Shelter service pricing is generally based on a specified hourly rate, a specified number of hours per week, and a specified period of service (e.g., one year).

What is a Maquiladora?

The word itself means "production sharing". Essentially, a maquiladora is a Mexican corporation that operates under a special program created and administered by the Mexican government. The program grants privileges that are designed to ease certain customs and other requirements in order to facilitate in-country manufacturing and promote economic development. Ultimately, these privileges also result in an economic benefit to Coastline's client companies.